Paris Accord

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Trump and Congressional Republicans have cheated our planet, our children and our future by turning their backs on the Paris Accord. We can't wait four years for the next president to fix this. Luckily we don't have to.

Where our national government has failed, we must demand that our states and cities lead the charge to protect the planet. Across the U.S., mayors and governors are able to enforce emissions restrictions, and enact legislation that supports clean energy, following, or even exceeding, the terms of the accord.

We urge you to show your support for the environment today by calling or emailing your governor (find their information here) and your mayor (information here) and ask that they make a stand and support the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement on behalf of the state and the city where you vote, and on behalf of the one world we call home.

Call Now.

(And if you're as mad as we are about this outrageous action and want to make sure Trump and his cronies are not reelected in the next two and four years, please act now - volunteer with Democrats Abroad, make sure all of your American friends are members, and on January 1, 2018, please request your ballot so you can vote in the 2018 midterms!)

Calling Script

Hello, my name is [name], I am a constituent of [mayor/governor name], and my address is [voting address].  

If the Mayor/Governor supports the Paris Agreement: Thank you for your pledge to support the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement. It is vital that our cities and states take the lead on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

If the Mayor/Governor has no stance or supports withdrawal from Paris: I am calling to urge the [mayor/governor] to pledge [his/her] support to the Paris Climate Agreement. The actions of cities and states drive climate action in the US and can have a real impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Americans are counting on our [city/state] government to take the lead on climate change now that the President has cheated our planet, our children, and our future. Thank you.

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