November 09, 2022

How to vote from Italy!

Calling all US Citizens!  Your Vote Matters!

If you're a US citizen who lives outside the US, you have the right to vote in US elections as an overseas voter. It doesn’t matter if you've registered to vote in the US, have never voted in the US, or have been outside the US for a very long time.

All overseas voters are eligible to vote in federal elections, that is, for President, US Senate, and US House of Representatives. Federal elections take place every two (2) years. Overseas voters may vote in the primary as well as the general election and in any special federal elections that may be required outside of the regularly scheduled elections.

Some overseas voters are also eligible to vote in state elections (such as Governor, State Representative, or State Senator).

➡ How to request your overseas ballot

If you haven’t done so already, go to, select your state and then follow the simple instructions to fill in the online form to complete and sign your ballot request.  When filling out the form, Democrats Abroad strongly recommends that you elect to receive your ballot by email. The Vote from Abroad website has useful information and help available to guide you through the process start to finish.

Once you have submitted your overseas ballot request, Democrats Abroad recommends that you follow up with your Local Election Office to confirm that your ballot was received and approved.  Find your Local Election Office from Vote from Abroad - Your State Rules

➡ How to return your ballot from Italy

Whenever possible Democrats Abroad recommends that you elect to receive and return your ballot electronically by either email, online upload or fax.

You can review the exact ballot return requirements for your state as well as contact information for your Local Election Office from Vote from Abroad here – Your State Rules

Regardless of the method your state requires to return your ballot, Democrats Abroad also recommends that you complete and return the ballot as soon as possible, and then follow up with your Local Election Office to ensure it has been received and counted.

➡ Returning your ballot electronically

If your state permits it, returning your ballot by email attachment or online upload are the most assured methods for timely delivery.

If permitted to return your ballot by fax, you may wish to use a free, online fax service that allows you to attach and return your ballot to a US fax number such as Here are other options you may choose to return your ballot by fax.

Important! Whether you return your ballot by email, online upload or fax please confirm directly with your State Local Election Officials that your ballot has been received and counted. A number of states allow you to track the status of your ballot.  See Your State Rules, select your state and click Track my ballot.    

Important! Be sure to review your state’s ballot return requirements carefully!  Some states allow you to return the ballot electronically, but also require that you mail the hard copy of the ballot. See Your State Rules

➡ Returning your ballot by Italian postal service   

📌 Remember! Only use a mail service if you cannot return your ballot electronically 📌

Please allow at least 4 weeks to return your paper ballot from Italy to your Local Election Office by the Italian postal service. 

Be sure to ask for a postmark or date stamp to be placed on the outer envelope. Some states require this, and it is a good practice in general. Find out your state’s requirements here Your State Rules.

You can confirm receipt by looking on your state’s website or looking up your local election officer's contact details. See Your State Rules

New York Voters: Here are instructions on How to fold the New York State General Election ballot.

➡ Returning your ballot through the US Embassy Pouch

Important!  If you are planning to use the US Embassy Pouch, plan to provide at least four weeks for the ballot to be delivered to your LEO. Democrats Abroad recommends getting the ballot to the embassy as soon as possible.

Ballots can be dropped off at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, from 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday (excluding these holidays). Be prepared to present your U.S. passport during your visit and remember to seal your ballot. 

Important! If you are using the diplomatic pouch mail service, you will need U.S. postage on the envelope (not Italian postage), as it will be delivered into the U.S. mail system after transportation to the US by the diplomatic service. You can use the U.S. postage paid return envelope provided with your ballot, or an envelope bearing sufficient U.S. postage. You can download the free U.S. postage-paid ballot return envelope template at

If you have any questions about returning your ballot via the diplomatic pouch, please contact your nearest embassy or consulate:

U.S. Embassy Rome, Italy
Via Vittorio Veneto, 121
+39 06 46741
U.S. Consulate General Milan, Italy
Via Principe Amadeo, 2/10
+39 02-290-351
U.S. Consulate General Florence, Italy
Lungarno Vespucci, 38
+39 055-266-951
U.S. Consulate General Naples, Italy
Piazza della Repubblica
+39 081-583-8111