April 26, 2023

Chair's Corner

I write to you from the middle of nowhere in the forest in Finland. I am mourning the loss of Roe v. Wade as I just heard that this momentous decision was overturned an hour ago. It was our generation who benefitted from Roe v. Wade and I know of countless women, feminists or not, who were able to have abortions safely and openly. What a truly sad day. I also have been listening to the January 6th Committee hearings and am riveted to what I am hearing. I am also impressed by the chair, Hon. Bennie Thompson and the vice chair, Hon. Liz Cheney -  what upstanding patriots and Americans they indeed are. Let us all hope that the work the committee is doing will have a lasting effect on the hearts and minds of all Americans. We need to protect our votes and we need to have honest people to hold the office of President of the United States.