February 2021 LGBTQ+ Newsletter

Letter from the Editors 

Black History Month & Equality Act

This month’s Democrats Abroad LGBTQ+ Newsletter is commemorating Black History month, which is an “an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans  and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. This month event grew out of 'Negro History Week,' the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month.”

We welcome Sarah Fancy back, who is recovering from Covid-19.

This Newsletter includes Christian’s article reflecting on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Fred looks at the imminent re-introduction of the Equality Act in Congress and President Biden’s relevant appointments and executive orders. Betsy asks if LGBTQ+ members are interested in DA leadership roles in the upcoming DA elections. As usual, Fenna compiles pertinent events.  

Now that we are settling into the Biden administration, we continue to be hopeful as LGBTQ+ Americans. 

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Betsy Ettorre & Sarah Fancy

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LGBTQ+ January 2021 Newsletter


Looking forward with optimism

(Co-editor Sarah Fancy has had COVID-19 since before Christmas and is recovering at her home in Germany. The Newsletter team sends her warm wishes for a speedy recovery.)

This month’s Democrats Abroad LGBTQ+ Newsletter theme is “Looking forward with optimism.” We believe that regardless of what happened on January 6 in the Capitol, we are hopeful. The silver lining to the tumult is that, finally, Trump, most congressional Republicans, QAnon and right-wing media are now exposed as frauds. After all, Trump made history as the only president in American history to be impeached twice!

As this hope moves us forward, let us remember Abraham Lincoln’s words: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

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Day of Service - January 18 -20

In honor of Wednesday's Inauguration, today is the Day of Service! (Don't know what this is? Look below.) We're doing our part by highlighting three of the many LGBTQ+ organizations doing important work for the community. We're highlighting Immigration Equality, Lambda Legal, and True Colors United. Learn more about these organizations below the image, go to their websites to explore more. From January 18th - 20th, we're asking our members to make a donation large or small to help this important work continue. The links to donate are below.

Donate to Immigration Equality
Donate to Lambda Legal
Donate to True Colors United 

What is the Day of Service?
The Biden Inaugural Committee has a week long Inauguration Celebration to bring us together. Today, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Committee has a Day of Service. Socially Distanced or virtual events are taking part around the world for Americans to give back. Interested in getting involved more in your home state or in generally? Find more events by clicking here

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October 2020 Newsletter

Letter from the Editors

This month we are dedicating our newsletter to voting and taking part in DA’s efforts to get out the vote for ALL of us living abroad. We want to give you some of the newsletter team’s voting stories and why we think it is important to vote, both as Americans AND as Democrats living abroad. The election isn’t just 28 days away, it’s over in 28 days. We can’t let the right-wing silence our voices, deny our rights, and cheat their way to winning. Failure is not an option for all of the people and communities we care about. The election is happening right now as millions of people across the USA cast their ballot early. You cannot sit this one out. Democrats need your voice. Send in your ballot now. Forward this message to your

American friends who live abroad and talk to them about doing the same.

We hope that you enjoy this edition!

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On Another Note - Voting Yes

After engaging with delegation members organizing to insert Medicare for All in the platform, many Democrats Abroad delegates still chose to vote yes. LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair Martha McDevitt-Pugh, an automatic delegate to the convention, voted for the platform. She stated, "after passionate discussions in our delegation about the platform, I voted to approve it. The party platform declares who we are and what we stand for. We can hold all Democratic leaders accountable for what is in the platform, which highlights the most important issues as we see them now.

In the right environment we can achieve even more. That's why winning the presidency and a majority in congress and the Senate is critical”. She continued by saying that Republicans have been working diligently for years in an effort to strip away healthcare coverage, with no program to replace it. And while we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court in June to overturn the Affordable Care Act. With the Republican Senate refusing to take up bills passed in the Democratic House of Representatives, Martha emphasizes that electing a Democratic Senate is necessary to forward the promise of healthcare for all: “I’m grateful for the organizing by our delegates to highlight that healthcare reform cannot wait. It inspires me to do all I can to turn red Senate seats blue in November.”

August 2020 LGBTQ+ Newsletter

Welcome to our third Caucus Newsletter!

In this month’s newsletter, Fred looks at local and state legislative topics impacting the LGBTQ+ community and changes over the course of the Trump presidency. Clearly we are on a path to equality and attention is needed at all levels of government. With LGBTQ+ candidates across the country winning their primaries and on to the general election, we have a great opportunity to forward equality and respect for all. The women's caucus recently highlighted Gina Ortiz Jones, running to flip a red seat blue. If elected she would be the first Filipina-American, out lesbian and Iraq-war vet representing Texas. Fred will be working with the LGBTQ+ Caucus Candidate Team to bring us profiles of LGBTQ+ candidates running in this November’s election. 

One of our writers, Fenna Milbauer, spoke with two of DA’s elected delegates to the 2020 convention, Anya Leonhard and Tyler (Ty) Cofield, about their organizing across DA and other state delegations to push for inclusion of Medicare for All in the 2020 party platform.  Betsy talks with LGBTQ+ Caucus Co-Chair, Martha McDevitt-Pugh, on her work at the DNC and at DA to get out the vote.

Senator Tim Kaine followed up on a question posted at a recent Democrats AbroD webinar on denial of citizenship to children born abroad to Americans married and their same-sex partners, asking Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for clarification. His letter was signed by the Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and covered by CNN. Check it out here.

Matthew is a young voter who returned to DA (welcome back!) and shares his story about how encouraging it is to be part of the Democrats Abroad community in these times of the Trump administration’s attack on democracy and disregard for public health. Checking in with friends and family and making sure they are ready to vote is something all of us can do to deal with election year anxiety!

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Social Prescribed Perfectionism


In recent years, depression has been more socially acceptable to talk about than it has in the past. Despite this, it can still be a taboo topic that people are afraid to talk about. Or they may even feel uncomfortable when it’s brought up. However, former US First Lady Michelle Obama did not shy away from discussing her mental health.

On the 6th August, former First Lady Michelle Obama indicated that she is suffering from “low-grade depression because of the pandemic, racial injustice and the “hypocrisy” of the Trump Administration. During the second episode of her podcast, the former First Lady revealed "Not just because of the quarantine, but because of the racial strife, and just seeing this administration, watching the hypocrisy of it, day in and day out, is dispiriting."

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Petition Against the Platform


Young, passionate, and voting no till they see the change they want. Democrats Abroad LGBTQ+ Bernie delegates Anya Leonhard and Tyler Shamar are steadfast in their commitment to see the addition of Medicare For All in the party platform. Both Ty and Anya are a part of the most diverse and young delegation DA has ever sent to the DNC convention, and they are ramping up to push for progressive policies and get into ‘good trouble’.

Tyler or Ty Cofield (they/them) is a 26-year-old from Texas and now lives in Warsaw, Poland. They are passionate about socioeconomics, politics, and the arts and dedicated to upholding the civic responsibility of every citizen to participate in how they are governed and by whom. They write that “it's been so great to relate to other young, BIPoC also going through this process. I think we're the future of the party and running as delegates has helped us to see how we can influence and reimagine the Party in our image”.

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Some Setbacks, but also some progress on the state level

While many Americans are focused on the presidential race and Democrats (and even many Republicans) are hoping Joe Biden wins this November much of the action regarding LGBTQ+ civil rights happens on the state level.

With primary elections wrapping up over the coming weeks, the legislators we elect to congress, state houses and at the municipal level in November will also pay a big role in shaping the LGBTQ+ agenda. 

According to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tally from March, about 40 pro-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced in state legislatures across the country this year, although many of them have already died in committee.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

On the flip side, twice as many bills have been introduced more than 80 that negatively impact the LGBTQ+ community, including so-called “religious exemption” bills. These measures seek to allow religion to be used to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people. “Whether a gay person wants to join a college student group, a transgender person seeks counselling services, or a lesbian couple tries to obtain a marriage license from a government employee or access basic medical care at some point in their lives, [such bills seek to open] the door to unequal treatment,” according to the ACLU.

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LGBTQ+ July 2020 Newsletter


Greetings from the LGBTQ+ Caucus team! We're in the middle of one strange summer and are all missing Pride festivities, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing for us to do! The election is fast approaching and we need every one of you to grab your ballot at if you haven't done so already. Every vote counts! Don't let your voice remain unheard.

We would like to welcome Fred Kuhr to the team. He’s our new Senior Reporter at Large and is a seasoned LGBTQ+ reporter. We are glad to have him on our team.

In this month’s newsletter,  Betsy shares the history of our hard-won ability to vote. Alex gives us a glimpse into the work of radical feminist Jill Johnston. For our member spotlight, Nathalie interviewed the amazing Angela Fobbs, Chair of the DA Global Black Caucus and vocal activist who is working tirelessly to get out the vote, especially among those Americans who are not in the urban hubs of the world. Finally, Matthew sat down with Antonina Vykhrest, a queer activist whose work has taken her from Brooklyn to various parts of Europe and back again.

Also, congratulations to our own co-editor, Sarah, for being appointed Chair of the LGBTQ+ Caucus for Germany!


Betsy Ettorre & Sarah Fancy, Co-editors

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