March 2020 VMF Newsletter

To all Veterans and Military Families,

We hope you and your families are all keeping safe and healthy.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to the first responders and caregivers, doctors, nurses who are coping with this situation as best they can. Our first concern as a Caucus is also to reach out to our community in solidarity during these uncertain times so we are phonebanking all our members.

Our Steering Committee is working on different projects to serve our Caucus. If you would like to virtuallydraw closer with us in order to continue with the important work we do, your contribution is appreciated. Our efforts so far have proven fruitful as we have doubled our membership within the last two months. Yeah GPP !

The projects we are working on are:

Take 5!  We only need five seats to Take Back the Senate providing we keep all the ones we already have.  Here is the latest update on tight Senate races:

Outreach and GOTVing to active military, to veterans including those studying abroad, to VAOs and churches serving the military community, and to veterans organizations. Make sure everyone has registered and requested an absentee ballot at

Coordinate our issues and Military Plank with the Vets and Military Families Caucuses of stateside Democratic parties.  Here is the link to our Military Plank for your comments or suggestions: VMF 2020 Military Plank

Service projects for the caregivers and wounded warriors at Landstuhl Military Hospital.

Communicate our agenda through social media, our website and earned media.

One powerful way we can push back the feeling of helplessness and isolation being generated by this pandemic situation is to do positive action for a cause we believe in. 

If you have a particular skill or an issue that is especially close to your heart, then we would love to have you pitch in as a volunteer. Write to [email protected] and together we can find something that suits your skill-set, interests and schedule.

The whole world is on a learning curve now. We will get over this and live to tell the story to our children and grandchildren. But perhaps the silver lining will be in the development of a society that values peace over war, humanity over profit, diversity over sameness and equality over dominance.

It has been said that pandemics change history.  Let us embrace this change and commit to working towards the goal of making a historic change for the better in this brave new world.

In solidarity, and with a warm virtual hug,

Anna Marie
on behalf of the DA Veterans and Military Families Caucus

[email protected]
Democrats Abroad
Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus