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High-Need items during the Coronavirus for the Landstuhl US Regional Medical Center

Dear Fellow Democrats,


A Chaplain has updated us on the situation at the US Military Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. As many of you already know, Democrats Abroad has been actively supporting the wounded warriors program since 2006 https://www.democratsabroad.org/wounded_warriors.

Picture1.png The hospital continues to operate and is under high protection security against the Coronavirus.  It has been upgraded from C Charly to B Bravo level.  So the ill, injured and PTS/TBI wounded warriors continue to be treated and the ambulance planes continue to fly in and out of Ramstein. The hospital is also serving the military community during the Coronavirus by testing patients with symptoms and hospitalizing them when necessary.

No Chaplain or visitor is allowed to visit so the only “social” contact patients have is with the nurses, doctors and caregivers in the wards.  The outpatients are left to their own in their barracks.  The gym is closed.  The USO is working with a very minimal staff and is “still serving the Medical Transient Detachment (MTD) patients by providing sodas, coffee and snacks (lots) in their lounge area. We go over there twice a day to ensure they have snacks for their rooms and hopefully putting a smile on their faces”.

Service members evacuated to the hospital come with very little, a small backpack at most and of course their uniform and boots, so they rely on the Chaplain’s Closet for clothes. Besides sending a card, letter or even chocolates to comfort and cheer up the caregivers and patients, here is the latest list of items needed:


High need items*:

Crocs & sneakers size 10 & 12, sweatpants (no string) for medical reasons

Light weight winter jackets , urgent: zipped hoodies with fleece XL , mouthwash

“Please do not sent 2 XL or 3 XL sizes”!!!


  • Military Duffle bags medium/large / Black Duffle bags ( no logos)
  • Unisex sweatshirts/hoodies (medium/large, X-large), (no logos)
  • Unisex sweatpants (small/medium/large)
  • Polyester shorts/briefs (all sizes)
  • Run T-shirts/ sportswear*,(all sizes)
  • Comfortable light T-shirts (all sizes)
  • T-Shirts color, (small/medium/large), (no logos, no white)
  • Keurig coffee pods, DARK roast (K-cup)
  • Crocs, size 9-12 / Sneakers, 9-12
  • Baseball caps
  • Scarfs
  • Light weight Winter Jackets, Beanies, Gloves

Postal address:

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
ATTN: Chaplains office
Kirchberg Geb. 3765
Landstuhl, 66849 Germany

Thanks for caring, We know how much they appreciate this,

Jim Moss and Anna Marie Mattson on behalf of
Democrats Abroad Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus

The Chaplain’s Clothes Closet (CCC) at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) started in October 2001 at the onset of Operation Enduring Freedom.  The CCC provides a variety of new essential clothing and comfort items for our deployed U.S. Service Members, DOD employees, coalition partners, and US contractors as they are evacuated to LRMC for treatment.  Since the Chaplain’s Closet is a non-funded humanitarian entity within the Department of Defense, we rely on the generous donations of fellow Americans and others.  We truly appreciate the efforts of each and every person willing to share “hugs from home” and words of encouragement with those who have given so much.

March 2020 VMF Newsletter

To all Veterans and Military Families,

We hope you and your families are all keeping safe and healthy.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to the first responders and caregivers, doctors, nurses who are coping with this situation as best they can. Our first concern as a Caucus is also to reach out to our community in solidarity during these uncertain times so we are phonebanking all our members.

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Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Issues of Interest to Veterans

Democratic Presidential Candidates’
Positions on Issues of Interest to Veterans

Click on the Candidate's Name to scroll down to their summary
If it doesn't work, please click on the Headline of this Article to open it.
(Suspended or Abandoned Candidacies at End of List)

Michael Bennet

Joe Biden Jr.

Michael Bloomberg

Cory Booker

Pete Buttigieg

Julian Castro

John Delaney

Tulsi Gabbard

Amy Klobuchar

Bernie Sanders

Deval Patrick

Tom Steyer

Elizabeth Warren

Marianne Williamson

Andrew Yang

Democrat Presidential Candidates: Those who have ended their Campaigns


To download this summary, please click HERE.


U.S. Senator from Colorado since 2009
Announced:     May 2, 2019
Home State:     Colorado | Website
Latest Book:    The Land of Flickering Lights: Restoring America in an Age of Broken Politics

  • veteran employment
  • Veterans Entrepreneurship Act to waive Express loan program fees making Small Business Administration (SBA) loans less expensive
  • medical cannabis for veterans
  • exempting Veterans Affairs from federal hiring freeze
  • suspension of deportation of family of immigrant service members while serving overseas
  • co-sponsor-Veterans Entrepreneurship Act
  • co-sponsor-DREAM Act calling for legal status for immigrant veterans
  • opposed military transgender ban
  • opposes banning homosexuals in the military


Former U.S. Senator and Former Vice President of the United States
Announced:     April 25, 2019
Home State:     Delaware | Website
Latest Book:    Promise Me, Dad:        A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose
WORTH NOTING:   While there is considerable - actually more than any other candidate - evidence of Biden’s commitment to veteran issues in the past, it is, surprisingly, very difficult to find anything at all on his stand on current veteran issues.

  • main-pillar-needs of service members, veterans, and families
  • very strong support for veterans
  • numerous bills sponsored such as for spousal employment, children, health, and mental health
  • supported Walk of America ‒ Walking with the Wounded along with his Wife, a co-sponsor in 2018
  • supporting military families through the Biden Foundation


Former New York Mayor from 2002-2013
Announced:     November 25, 2019
Home State:     New York | Website


  • created Workforce1, a service to connect job candidates to opportunities throughout New York City, and provided priority job placement and career assistance services to veterans and their spouses
  • partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to create Operation Home, a task force to combat veteran homelessness in New York City
  • created the first job center just for veterans, staffed by veterans, and an entrepreneurship program to help veterans start and grow businesses
  • launched Support Our Troops, a city-run service program to support veterans and troops actively serving our country
  • through Bloomberg LP, provided training programs that allow veterans to transition more easily from military careers to the private sector, and encouraged employees actively to recommend veterans for open positions in order to bring veterans into the company and put their leadership skills to work
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News from DC, December 8, 2019


This past Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4803, the Citizenship for Children of Military Members and Civil Servants Act (sponsored by Rep. Nadler (D-NY)).

 This bill amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to recognize as “residing in the United States,” children who are residing in the legal and physical custody of a U.S. citizen parent who is (1) stationed abroad as an employee of the federal government or as a member of the U.S. armed forces; or (2) residing in marital union with such an employee or member.  This will allow lawful permanent resident children born outside the United States who are unable to establish U.S. residency because of a parent’s overseas service commitment, to be automatically recognized as U.S. citizens.


 (Related) Floor statement by Rep. Nadler  


Last week, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a subcommittee hearing on: “Servicemember, Family, and Veteran Suicides and Prevention Strategies.”  Video and witness testimonies can be viewed here.

This upcoming week, the House Armed Services Committee will hold a subcommittee hearing on: “Diversity in Recruiting and Retention: Increasing Diversity in the Military – What the Military Services are Doing.”



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Thanksgiving thoughts

Today as we celebrate Thanksgiving we would like to especially remember our Vets who have served in all our Armed Forces, the US Coast Guard and the National Guard.  You have put on the uniform and may have been in harm's way.  We think about you, we advocate for you and we care about you.  

As we follow the impeachment proceedings, we are particularly thankful for the courage of Lt. Col. Vindman, a veteran of the Iraq War who was awarded a Purple Heart after being wounded by a roadside bomb.  He has no fear nor doubts when it comes to standing up and defending our American values and to reclaim justice. 

So we do hope you are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving wherever you are.  You are never alone and we will all keep on with the good fight! 

And I end with the Veteran's Prayer that you probably already know so well:

Veteran's Prayer

News from the House - November 16, 2019

The House was busy this week especially with bills pertaining to Veterans... Here are the bills that were passed. However the one about citizenship was taken off the floor and hopefully will be considered at a later date.

H.R. 4803 – Citizenship for Children of Military Members and Civil Servants Act (THIS BILL WAS PULLED FROM THE FLOOR BY DEMOCRATICLEADERSHIP AND THEREFORE NOT CONSIDERED)

H.R. 3537 – Veteran Entrepreneur Training Act (PASSED THE HOUSE BY A VOTE OF 424 TO 1)

H.R. 499 – Service-Disabled Veterans Small Business Continuation Act (PASSED THE HOUSE BY A VOTE OF 423 TO 0)



Veterans Day 2019

Dear Dems in the DA Veterans and Military Families Caucus,

Today is Veteran’s Day and we salute and honor Veterans in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. 

When President Eisenhower issued his first Veterans Day proclamation, he asked all Americans to 

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Recent Items of Interest November 11th, 2019


*** Article: “Clock ticks down on defense policy bill” 

*** Article: “Construction, bonuses, and maintenance could be first cuts to military without NDAA funding”

Last week, the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing on pending nominations for Judge Of The U.S. Court Of Appeals For Veterans Claims. Video of the hearing + witness testimonies can be viewed here.

Upcoming hearings in the Senate Committee on Armed Services:

  • Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019. “GAO on Privatized Housing Findings to Include Responses from the Military Services on Ongoing Reports of Substandard Housing Conditions and Services.”
  • Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2019. “Servicemember, Family, and Veteran Suicides and Prevention Strategies.”

This week on Wednesday, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs will hold a hearing on “Hijacking our Heroes: Exploiting Veterans through Disinformation on Social Media.”

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Report on EMEA meeting in Athens, Greece

Athens—spiritual home of democracy—felt the perfect site for the EMEA meeting. Our backdrop was the Parthenon. On Friday, DA Greece member, Bradly Keisling, an archeologist, author and former diplomat, led a walking tour of the Parthenon. On Saturday, International Chair Julia Bryan gave a positive and hopeful summary of where DA is today and the tasks ahead.  The Mission (not impossible!): Flip the Senate to Democrats, Flip the White House and do not neglect the state and local races.

Key battleground states: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

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News from DC - The Week of 2019-10-21

U.S. Senate

There is nothing on this week's Senate schedule as far as planned
votes or committee hearings related to veterans or military families.

U.S. House

***** At some point this week, the House of Representatives will vote
on S. 693, the National POW/MIA Flag Act, originally introduced by
Sen. Warren (D-MA). The legislation would require the POW/MIA Flag to
be displayed whenever the American flag is displayed on prominent
federal properties, including the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the
World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial, every national cemetery, the buildings containing
the official offices of the Secretaries of State, Defense, and
Veterans Affairs, the office of the Director of the Selective Service
System, each major military installation (as designated by the
Secretary of Defense), each Department of Veterans Affairs medical
center, and each United States Postal Service post office. The Senate
unanimously passed S.693 on May 2, 2019.

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