October 07, 2019

Meet the team - Mickey Farrance


It is Meet the Team Monday!  Today, we continue our blog series with an interview with our National GOTV Coordinator - Mickey Farrance.

About Mickey:

Mickey Farrance is National “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) Coordinator and the DA France Grenoble Chapter Secretary.

After the 2016 elections, Mickey founded in Grenoble a chapter of Indivisibles-France, a group dedicated to resisting threats to democracy and human rights worldwide. Mickey became involved with Democrats Abroad when the Indivisibles chapter merged with the DAF Grenoble chapter, noting that “alliances make us more effective and further our reach!”

Mickey votes in California and currently resides in Grenoble, where she is a marketing manager for a software publishing company.

Now, on to some fun facts about Mickey:

  • Her favorite political icon at the moment is “Liz Warren, the politician I wish I could be…
  • Her top 3 issue areas are 1) fixing our broken government that is riddled with abuses of power and corruption. That means 2) fighting voter suppression and 3) neutralizing manipulations like gerrymandering.
  • Her first political memory was the Watergate hearings. ("Yes, I'm I-remember-Nixon old!")

And, when asked what she would do if she were President of the United States for a day, she responded:

“What can anyone do in a single day!? Kick #MoscowMitch in the butt maybe? Wouldn't change much, but it would be highly satisfying.”