Calling the NC General Assembly

Stand with us to call North Carolina state legislators today and demand that they stop their undemocratic actions. We don't have to be in Raleigh to get involved - calls are also effective means of making our voices heard.

Democracy is being denied in North Carolina, as the state legislature works this week to strip the governorship of most of its powers and responsibilities, putting them squarely in the hands of the overwhelmingly conservative legislature, and leading to an extreme inbalance of power. 

Join with us to let our state legislators know that their behavior is unacceptable, that the world is watching and that you, as a North Carolina voter, are paying attention. 

Phone Numbers to call  
Find your legislator and start calling now. (If you're not sure of their names, search for your town or zip code in the Full Site Search at the top of the page). 

Call Script

My name is [first name last name] and I am a North Carolina voter calling from [your city and country]. I am calling because I am incredibly dismayed by the steps that our General Assembly are taking to subvert the democratic process and ignore the voice of NC voters who have selected Roy Cooper as our next Governor. I strongly urge you to work to put an end to this initiative. These steps are both undemocratic and immoral.

NC is in the world press today not because of all the things that are great about our state, but because of the irresponsible actions of our legislators. Do NOT take any steps that would limit our incoming Governor's ability to do his job, and respect the intentions of separation of powers and checks and balances upon which our government was founded.

Efforts to limit the power of the executive in favor of holding unbalanced influence in the legislature would further erode public trust and would undermine the best intentions of a multi-branch government and democratic elections. A respectful transition of power is fairly expected by the citizens of our great state.

More Information
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Will you join us in making calls?