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Our goal is to get out the vote for NJ Democratic Candidates, fight for voting rights and improve ballot access for NJ voters living abroad.

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How do we achieve our mission?

  • Voter Registration Drives
  • Phonebanking to voters living abroad
  • Voter Assistance
  • Fundraising
  • Events/Rallies
  • Monitoring Legislation and Contacting Legislators
  • Live Testimony at Committee Hearings

Our votes from abroad can be the margin of victory in local, statewide and Federal elections.

We have a high stake in the November 7, 2023 State and Local Elections. Thanks to volunteers at Democrats Abroad, our voting rights bill A3929/S2899 was signed into law. This allows overseas voters whose return to New Jersey is uncertain to vote in state elections (citizens who mark 'My return is uncertain' on the Federal Post Card Application).

After fighting to restore our voting rights, which were unjustly taken away in 2017 by Republican Chris Christie, we must now fight to keep them! 

In the last election, Democrats lost seats and many of those who did win had margins of victory that were razor thin. This has emboldened Republicans who came out in full force against our voting rights bill. If we lose this election, we could lose our right to vote in state elections again. 


Get involved with the NJ Team - join us at one of our upcoming planning meetings! Every little bit counts - even 10 minutes of volunteering can help win races for Democrats. In 2017, Democrats lost control of the Virginia state legislature by one vote! If you make even one call to remind someone to vote, you can save a state.

Here are some quick ways to stay up-to-date on the new developments and stay in contact with us:

We're here to make sure your vote is counted!
Our votes from abroad will be the margin of victory for Dems up and down the ballot! 

10 ACTIONS TO TAKE NOW to Elect New Jersey Dems!

  1. Request your ballot at Vote From Abroad (VFA) TODAY to get set to vote in 2023!

    • These voting rights laws are new; therefore, it is imperative that you request your ballot early to ensure you receive the correct ballot. The General Election will be held on November 7th. 

    • You only need to fill out one ballot request per calendar year. If you voted in the primary, there is no need to request a ballot again.

    • Ballots go out on September 23rd. Check your email, including your spam folder, for your ballot.

  2. Join the NJ State Team as a voter or ally

  3. Add VFA to your email signature

  4. Share VFA & voting info on social media

  5. Send an alma mater letter 

  6. Phonebank with Dems Abroad

  7. Get trained to help voters

  8. Adopt a campaign (see list) & push on social media

  9. Help 3 people get ballots & get them to help 3 more

  10. Donate to get out the overseas vote - even $5 can help us reach voters and save the state!

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