Democrats Abroad is the official arm of Democratic Party for the millions of US citizens living outside the United States.

Democrats Abroad Norway (DAN) is a volunteer-based organization with members from all over Norway. DAN gives US citizens living in Norway the tools to make our voices heard, even from across the Atlantic. We help Democrats win elections by mobilizing and enabling U.S. citizens living abroad to vote.

We hope you will join us!

You can also engage with us on social media, where we post Democrats Abroad events, news, and advocacy, help you amplify your voice, and make sure your votes count!

You can contact Christina Skovsgaard, DA Norway chair at: [email protected]


DA Norway Leadership:

Christina Skovsgaard
| Chair DA-Norway, GWC Steering Committee, Former GBC Steering Committee member
André Durham
| Vice Chair DA-Norway
Arna Desser
| Treasurer DA-Norway
Campbell Hellandsvik
| Secretary DA-Norway
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    Happy 4th of July, Democrats Abroad Norway! To celebrate, we're posting videos on all of our social media channels from Christina, our Chair and Andre, our Vice-Chair.

    These short videos are full of helpful information about Democrats Abroad, and how to get engaged with us!

    Check them out here!

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    DAN Elects Executive Committee 2021-2023

    The election is over and the votes have been tallied. We are pleased to announce the Democrats Abroad Norway Executive Committee for 2021-2023.

    Chair: Christina Skovsgaard
    Vice-Chair: André Durham
    Secretary: Campbell Hellandsvik
    Treasurer: Arna Desser
    Counsel: Andy Stites

    Many thanks to all of the candidates for stepping forward to serve. And thank you to all of the DAN members who voted in the election and who attended the 2021 Annual General Meeting on April 28th.

    The new board is already bouncing around ideas for meetings and activities in the coming months. Check out this website, Facebook, and your email inbox for information on upcoming DAN events. 

    Remember...the midterms will be here before we know it!

    Kind regards,
    Karin Blake Granå
    Danielle DeRose
    Ron Krueger
    DAN Nominations and Elections Committee

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