February 23, 2019

Paris Communications Candidate Marissa Burkett

My name is Marissa Burkett and I would like to submit my candidacy for the position of Communications Coordinator at Democrats Abroad France - Paris Chapter. Though new to France and DAF, I have several years of experience developing communication strategies and marketing plans, and particularly in leveraging social and digital campaigns. Furthermore, I have a BBA in Marketing, and a MBA, along with experience in filmmaking and graphic design, which are useful in communications. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage with disenfranchised voters by bringing the discussion back to core issues, particularly in the youth demographic. To accomplish this, I hope to work with national and global teams on the design of a communications strategy that promotes two-way discussion, allowing expats to engage with the DAF, and motivating them to involvement. I aim to primarily focus on the underlying characteristics that attracted us originally to the Democratic party, such as a passion for equality and social justice, and less on our mutual disgust for the opposition. If elected, I would be honored to serve the party as the Communications Coordinator and vow to devote all of my skill and effort on unseating the current President.