February 23, 2019

Paris Treasurer Candidate Skander Chabbi

My name is Skander Chabbi, and I am a quasi-permanent absentee voter from Maine. I have lived nearly all of my life abroad so far, except for a relatively short stay in the United States while in college.

I have lived in several foreign countries before residing in France where I am currently employed in the field of finance. This continuous exposure to multiple international cultures has enriched my perceptions of political issues and helped frame my mindset over the years, mostly in contradiction to the direction that current U.S. leadership has undertaken.

With this background, I have also been a front row witness to the global financial crisis and its long lasting negative impacts, deepening inequalities of course but also raising ever more polarizing questions on the kind of society we want to live in.

I have never been actively involved in politics. However, given the last presidential election results and the intensifying global turbulences, I feel, like many, that involvement in any way is necessary in preparing the next elections. I believe that I can start by being of help in strengthening DA’s organization, and therefore submit my candidacy for the position of Treasurer of DAF Paris.