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Thank you for being part of our phonebanking team —
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Democrats Abroad uses CallHub, a free-for-you online system that lets you call from a computer or tablet—all you need is internet access and a speaker with a microphone. Log in and you will see a script and the voter information so you know who you're talking to. Simply follow the script and then fill in the survey answers: no other record-keeping needed.

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1. Florida Special Election Congressional District 20: English/Spanish Campaign [November 17, 2021]
This campaign is open to active phonebanking volunteers who can make calls in Spanish

SCRIPT: FL Special House - Nov 2021

SCRIPT - SPANISH: FL Special House - Nov 2021

CAMPAIGN INSTRUCTIONS: FL Special House - Nov 2021


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Question about Phonebanking?
If you are having any difficulties with accessing CallHub, making calls, have questions about calls, or have any other phonebanking questions, please:

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Questions about Voting?
Any questions about how to vote, please:

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