Redirecting funding to border wall delays projects

According to an Air-Force report that NBC News says it has obtained, by redirecting funding previously allocated by congress for Military construction to build a stretch of wall along the U.S.-Mexico boarder, some 51 projects around the world will be delayed. Apart from the obvious constitutional issues it raises, this action on the part of the White House will also increase the level of risk at a number of locations.

A boiler at Elison Air Force Base in Alaska which was scheduled for replacement would force the base to be evacuated and subject it to damage by freezing temperatures if it fails. A storage facility on Guam for munitions worth more than a billion dollars will not be built. In Turkey, the main gate at Incirlik Air Base will, according to the report, "remain vulnerable to hostile penetration in the midst of contingency operations and an increased terrorist threat.” And finally, military construction projects intended to increase U.S. military presence in Europe as a deterrence to potential Russian aggression, will, if abandoned, leave those bases unable to support the deployment of personnel or assets.