September 16, 2022

Register Together 2022 in Germany

To help U.S. citizens abroad request their absentee ballots and follow the sometimes complicated state-by-state guidelines, Democrats Abroad is sponsoring “Vote From Abroadvoter assistance tables on September 17th at scores of locations around the globe. Virtual voter assistance sessions will also be held throughout the day. The information stands and online assistance are open to all U.S. voters.

Hear from U.S. citizens about the upcoming elections and learn more about voting from overseas by visiting one of our Voter Assistance Tables!

Looking for the nearest Voter Assistance and Registration Table? Please check out our list of events throughout Germany below!

  • Augsburg
    • When: 10am-2pm CEST
    • Where: Annastr. 9 - Near Königsplatz
  • Berlin
    • When: 10am-2pm CEST
    • Where: Kollwitzplatz Farmers Market (corner Wörtherstr.)
  • Düsseldorf
    • When: 12pm-4pm CEST
    • Where: Rheinuferpromenade, Mannesmannufer 2
  • Hamburg
    • When: 11am-4pm CEST
    • Where: Spitalerstraße (opposite Peek und Cloppenburg) 
  • Ingelheim
    • When: 10am-3pm CEST
    • Where: Neue Mitte Ingelheim, Georg-Rückert-Straße 3
  • Kaiserslautern-Saarland (virtual - RSVP for Zoom)
    • When: 12pm-3pm CEST
    • Where: Zoom
  • Mainz
    • When: 10am-3pm CEST
    • Where: Gutenbergplatz 5
  • Munich
    • When: 12pm-4pm CEST
    • Where: Across from Kaufingerstr. 20, near the entrance to the passage
  • Nürnberg
    • When: 11am-3pm CEST
    • Where: Königstrasse near Klaragasse
  • Starnberg
    • When: 10am-2pm CEST
    • Where: Seepromenade 5, by the Dinard Starnberg Monument
  • Wiesbaden
    • When: 10am-3pm CEST
    • Where: Downtown Wiesbaden at the intersection of Kirchgasse & Faulbrunnenstraße
  • Würzburg
    • When: 10am-6pm CEST
    • Where: Würzburger Stadtfest, Rückermainstrasse

If you haven't requested your ballot yet, then we hope to see you at one of our local events! You can also request your ballot now from The clock is ticking, so make sure you get your ballot request submitted today!