Sunday, September 04

Tokyo, Japan

DAJ DAY September 4, 2022


DAJ DAY Sept 4, 11:00-14:00, online

10:30 virtual zoom doors open for mingling

If you care about education, gun violence, voting rights, gender equity, abortion, the climate, healthcare, or marriage equality, then we must get out the Democratic vote in Nov 2022! Join us on Sunday Sept 4, @11am DAJ Day when we officially kick off the fall 2022 get out the vote season!  Line up includes: panel on local elections, discussion on reaching more US voters, skills training workshops and more!

Meet people from throughout Japan interested in making a difference in the Nov 2022 elections and find out what  you can do starting right now - from wherever you are.

Join us on Sunday Sept 4, @11am DAJ Day when we officially kick off the fall 2022 get out the vote season!  

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OVERVIEW:  DAJ DAY Sept 2022 (times are approximate and subject to change)
10:30-11:00 open mic mingling 

11:00 Welcome!  About DAJapan, our get out the vote (GOTV) work .

11:10 Opening panel: why voting in local elections matters

  • Brent OLeary, former DAJapan chair, ran for NY State Assembly - Info HERE:
  • Michelle Gates Roberts, running for State Representative in Arkansas - Info HERE:
  • Voters overseas can impact state and local elections where decisions on healthcare, education, gun violence, voting rights and other issues are made.

11:45 Discussion on GOTV Strategy, How to have an impact and how you can be part of it
Reaching more voters through public events, social media, outreach to study abroad students and other organizations + a special session on using resist bot

12:30 Workshops on GOTV basics, Phonebanking and Reaching more voters

13:10 Regional discussions: Kansai, Tokai, Kyushu and NE Honshu leaders talk about the role of local outreach

13:30 What you can do now

13:40 State voting rights update: winning NJ voting rights

  • John Baumlin, Asia Pacific representative to the DNC

14:00 closing & photos

14:00-14:30 open mic mingling

RSVP to get the zoom link - and bring a friend.


About our Panelists

Brent O'Leary

  • Democratic National Committee Member Representing Democrats living in Asia, 2004-2008
  • Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan, 2002-2004
  • International Business Lawyer
  • Presently living in NYC, ran for New York State Assembly
  • Runs the Hunters Point Civic Association and President of the Board for Woodside On The Move.
  • During Covid delivered medical equipment to hospitals and founder of two food pantries which fed over 200,000 people during the epidemic.

Michelle Gates Roberts

  • Michelle has a long history of advocacy at home and abroad.  Whether working corporate or nonprofit, she has helped people live their lives with dignity.  Leading teams in anti-human trafficking efforts, working strategically to build partnerships between business and nonprofits, and helping create local-global connection as Chair of the Arkansas Cherry Blossom Festival, Michelle knows first-hand the importance of listening, learning, and taking action. 
  • Michelle graduated from Ouachita Baptist University, becoming the first person in her family to attend college.  She married her husband Tom, spending 10 years overseas before returning to Garland county where they are raising their children.  Michelle believes in community, the values of empathy, integrity, and fairness, and foundations of strong public schools and robust healthcare services for Garland county.





Sunday, September 04, 2022 at 11:00 AM Tokyo Time


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