During April 2016 I was diagnosed as having an “atrial flutter”. #DAresists #Medicare4all

My general practitioner performed an electrocardiogram in his office and determined that I should be transferred to the Aachen University Clinic for treatment. After numerous tests and pre-treatment therapy, an electrical cardioversion was performed. After two days of in-clinic observation, further tests – including a stress electrocardiogram and an MRI of my heart (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) were performed. Every day during my three-day stay in the clinic a resident cardiologist informed me of the test results. After it was determined that the treatment had been successful, I was released and all test results were forwarded to my GP. With the exception of 10 Euros for the ambulance, all costs were covered by my health insurance. I now have an annual long term and stress electrocardiogram in addition to an echocardiography carried out by a cardiologist. The health insurance that covers all of these expenses costs me approximately $290 per month.