October 02, 2017

Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Tom Perez, head of the Democratic Party, released the following statement in response to last night’s deadly shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada:

“This morning, America woke to news of the worst mass shooting in our history. Our hearts are with the people of Las Vegas and all those affected by this despicable act of terror. In the coming days, we will surely learn of the heroism of ordinary Americans and selfless first responders who risked their lives to save others. We will be reminded that the courage of the American people will always outlast the cruelty of cowards. As Americans, we cannot give in to fear or hatred. We must be united against all those who perpetrate such terror, and do everything we can to ensure that vicious attacks like this become a thing of the past.”

"Democrats Abroad mourns the massacre victims from the Las Vegas shooting. They are our brothers and sisters, family and friends. We are shocked to the core by this horrible destruction caused by one man and his access to weapons designed solely for murder," stated Julia Bryan, International Chair of Democrats Abroad. 

"We vow to join Perez's pledge and raise our voices to help ensure US citizens never suffer such an attack again. There is much that we can do to fight for sensible gun legislation, and there is no time like now to begin."