November 20, 2022

Abortion on the Ballot - Results

Greetings from the other side of November 8th. Aren’t we all breathing a sigh of relief? Besides keeping the Senate and the feared ‘Red Wave’ turning out to be only a red trickle, the results of the measures in the five states where abortion was on the ballot have given me a sense of hope. If we count the Kansas amendment in August, that’s six states that have put abortion or abortion-related legislation on the ballet since the fall of Roe v Wade, and all six have sided with keeping politicians and the state out of peoples’ personal and very private decisions. 

Here is detailed information as found in MS. magazine:

  • In California, Proposition 1 passed, guaranteeing the constitutional right to reproductive freedom “in their most intimate decisions,” including the right to abortion and contraceptives.
  • In Kentucky, Constitutional Amendment 2 failed. This confusingly worded amendment would have changed the state constitution to say there is no right to abortion, or any requirement to fund abortion. Voters didn’t fall for it.
  • Michigan‘s Proposal 3 passed, which will create a state constitutional right to reproductive freedom, including decisions “about all matters relating to pregnancy,” including abortion and contraception.
  • In Montana, voters rejected Legislative Referendum 131, which would have subjected healthcare providers who do not make every effort to save the life of an infant “born during an attempted abortion,” to civil penalties and up to 20 years of jail time.
  • In Vermont, Proposal 5 passed, which creates a constitutional right to personal reproductive autonomy.
  • In Kansas‘ primary elections in August, 59% of voters cast ballots against a proposed amendment explicitly stating that nothing in the state constitution creates a right to abortion or requires government funding for abortion, and that the legislature has the authority to restrict abortion.

So please join me in celebrating and working toward a future where the right of women to control their own lives and destinies is no longer a discussion because it is an accepted and unalienable right. 

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