September 25, 2023

Tell Your Representatives - No Government Shutdown!


Republicans want to shut down the government. This is another step to dismantling the United States government.

A government shutdown will negatively affect us and our country. It is detrimental because it disrupts the economy, causes financial hardship for workers, interrupts vital services, and erodes public confidence in government institutions. The deadline to pass a funding bill is September 30, 2023.

Please help keep our government running. Let your representatives know you don’t support a government shutdown.

You can use these sample letters, one for Republican Representatives and one for Democratic Representatives, or write your own text.


Go to, enter your voting address, and click the "Find my Elected Officials" button.


You'll get your results with all your local, state, and federal representatives. Select your federal officials. You'll see your two senators and House Rep. You should email all three.  Click the + and go to their website.



Please find the contact link and click it. In this case, the contact is at the bottom of the page.


Enter all your information, and choose Budget or something similar as the Topic. The subject is "No Government Shutdown" or something similar. Copy and paste the emails linked above in the message field. Click submit and repeat for your other representatives.




Thanks for helping our nation!