Thanksgiving thoughts

Today as we celebrate Thanksgiving we would like to especially remember our Vets who have served in all our Armed Forces, the US Coast Guard and the National Guard.  You have put on the uniform and may have been in harm's way.  We think about you, we advocate for you and we care about you.  

As we follow the impeachment proceedings, we are particularly thankful for the courage of Lt. Col. Vindman, a veteran of the Iraq War who was awarded a Purple Heart after being wounded by a roadside bomb.  He has no fear nor doubts when it comes to standing up and defending our American values and to reclaim justice. 

So we do hope you are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving wherever you are.  You are never alone and we will all keep on with the good fight! 

And I end with the Veteran's Prayer that you probably already know so well:

Veteran's Prayer