Tiny Action: Nobody is Above the Law

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We knew weeks ago that Trump was planning to fire Jeff Sessions after the elections. We didn’t know he’d barely wait for polling stations to close before taking the biggest step yet in interfering with the special counsel investigation.

We won’t wait either.

This week’s Tiny Action: Tell Congress that no one is above the law.

1. Take a picture of yourself with our “Nobody is above the law” poster and email it to [email protected] by Sunday, Nov 11.

(Download Poster Version 1, Poster Version 2) 

Using the pictures you send us, we’ll create posters to present to the DC offices of the top Senate and House Judiciary Committee Members. We all can’t protest in person, but we can make sure Congress knows that we expect our leaders to protect the Mueller investigation and hold Trump accountable. 

Consider posting your pic to your House Rep and Senators in Congress on social media, too. #ProtectMueller

2. Check with your local Democrats Abroad chapter to see if there is an in-person event you can join.

Because events are being organized as we speak, be sure to be on the lookout for event listings to change quickly. Not sure who to contact? Find your local chapter here.

3. Call your Congress person using this script from Indivisible.



Yesterday, Donald Trump fired AG Sessions and appointed Sessions’ Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General. It is unusual for the president to appoint someone other than the next in line -- who would be Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein -- particularly in cases like these, where the Deputy Director has significant experience and is equipped to do the job well.

Of course, Rosenstein oversees the Muller investigation because Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself. Whitaker would not be forced to make that same recusal, and the Justice Department has confirmed late yesterday Whitaker will take over Rosenstein’s responsibilities with regards to the Mueller investigation.

Whitaker is no fan of the investigation, and we know what he wants to do. He told us.

Last year Whitaker told CNN: “I can see a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced… and that AG doesn’t fire Bob Mueller, but he just reduces the budget so low that his investigation grinds to... almost a halt.”

He’s also defended Don Jr’s infamous Trump Tower meeting and the president’s innocence on all related issues including obstruction of justice, while calling the Muller investigation a witch hunt, time and time again.

Congress must take immediate action to protect the rule of law and integrity of the investigation. Whitaker must recuse himself. No one is above the law.


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