Urgent Tiny Action: Kavanaugh is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court

Only a few weeks ago, Republicans talked about the Kavanaugh nomination as an easy win. Since then, it’s become all the more obvious why Republicans are so eager to push through this nomination: The more we learn about Brett Kavanaugh, the more problematic he becomes.

This week’s Tiny Action: Demand the FBI investigate the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh and tell your Senators to vote NO on the SCOTUS nomination. 

Call/Email Script:

Hi my name is [NAME] and I’m a voter from [CITY/STATE], but I am calling from [COUNTRY] where I live and where I vote from abroad.

I am incredibly concerned of what has transpired both during and since the Kavanaugh hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee. There is absolutely no reason to rush the vote of this lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land, particularly given what we have recently learned.

The allegations brought by Dr Blasey Ford include a number of issues that should be investigated by the FBI, in light of the precedent that George H W Bush set when he asked the FBI to investigate the Anita Hill allegations against Clarence Thomas. If Judge Kavanaugh is innocent, why wouldn’t he want this? If the Senate is truly interested in voting for the strongest possible nominee for the Supreme Court, why wouldn’t they want to? This is absolutely in line with the FBI’s jurisdiction if the President asked for it. The Senator must pressure the White House to do  so.

I am tremendously disappointed in the Republican party’s response to Dr Blasey Ford, who at best suggest that she’s “confused” and in many other cases vilify her. Victims who come forward deserve our attention and our respect.

I believe an FBI investigation is critical for full transparency, but the findings will not change how I,  and the majority of the country, feel about Judge Kavanaugh.

He is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. I am asking the Senator to firmly vote no. Regardless of what happens over the next week, Kavanaugh has categorically misled the Senate while under oath. He received and forwarded stolen documents - marked as such - and then lied about it. He pretended not to recognize the name of a law firm where a close friend works. And he refused to offer any answer of substance during his hearing.

Over the past week, Kavanaugh has only doubled down in demonstrating his true character.

Our next Supreme Court Justice must aim for truth and justice above all else. Judge Kavanaugh could have demonstrated this by saying he would speak with the FBI. He did not.

Our next Supreme Court Justice must believe that women’s voices - not just those who are well-dressed law clerks but also those who are victims, those who have been marginalized and those who have been wronged - deserve to be heard, and that violence against them is unequivocally wrong. Judge Kavanaugh could have demonstrated this simply by asking his supporters not to attack, threaten, and spread lies  about Dr Blasey Ford. Judge Kavanaugh remained silent.

This is not the best candidate for the job of Supreme Court Justice. The Senator must vote no.

Thank you.

[Provide your full voting address if leaving a message]



The next Supreme Court Justice will decide cases that could easily impact the United States for decades to come.

Republicans in the Senate (and the White House) have had one clear priority: To get Kavanaugh on the bench at any cost, rushing the confirmation of a nominee with a disturbing record on the issues that matter most.

During his hearings, we saw Judge Kavanaugh lie under oath and refuse to answer a single substantive question, while GOP Senators praised his basketball coaching skills.

Since then, we have read of Dr Christine Blasey Ford, her credible sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, and the backlash she has received from the public and GOP leadership alike.

Kavanaugh’s supporters oscillate between calling it “rough horseplay” and “youthful indiscretion” to denying he was even there. GOP leaders said the timing of the news was nefarious, rather than out of respect for her anonymity. They suggested that other women supporting Kavanaugh meant that Blasey Ford was not credible. They even claimed to know better than her, saying that she (not Kavanaugh) was misremembering.

They are also refusing to pressure the White House to request an FBI investigation, consistent with precedent and requiring Dr Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh to speak under oath, going so far as to say that it is outside the FBI’s jurisdiction - completely false. Instead they are asking her to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is still under negotiation as of today.

We believe victims.

But regardless of what may transpire over the next week, what has already been revealed is Kavanaugh’s true character. He issued a statement stating that he wants to defend himself, but has not offered to speak to the FBI and made no attempt to ask his supporters to cease the death threats being made to a woman for speaking up about her sexual assault. He also enjoys the full support of a president who yesterday said, “if the attack was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed.”

It’s clear why Republicans are trying to push this through at breakneck speed. The more we learn about Brett Kavanaugh, the more reasons we have to vehemently oppose his nomination.



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