July 05, 2016


On July 3, 2016, DAJ Chair Tom Schmid announced the appointment of Japan’s 2016 Voter Information and Get-Out-the-Vote Team. The team is chaired by GOTV Coordinator Ruth McCreery. David Littleboy and Patrick Schumaker have been appointed as Assistant GOTV Coordinators. In collaboration with the DAJ Executive Committee, the GOTV Team will plan and organize DAJ’s GOTV activities for the 2016 election.

Activities that have already been planned include voter registration at Shibuya Crossing and at the National Azabu supermarket in Tokyo, the US Embassy Friendship Day BBQ this fall, and phonebanking. The GOTV Team will explore other opportunities to engage and register voters in the Kanto region and throughout Japan.

More information on how to volunteer for DAJ’s GOTV events will be coming soon, and we will review the details of our planned events at the General Meeting on July 17 (which can be attended in person or via web conference).

Please join the DAJ Executive Committee in congratulating Ruth, David, and Patrick on their appointments, and thanking them in advance for their continued contributions to Democrats Abroad.