TX Upcoming Elections

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  • November Midterms
    • What’s on the Ballot?
  • UP NEXT: Texas May 24th Primary Run-Off Elections 
    • Election Timeline
    • Statewide Candidates

November Midterms - What’s on the Ballot?

Your vote and voice matters in ALL Texas elections! This year, we have the opportunity to help elect:

  • A new Governor who actually cares about the people they represent.
  • New statewide leadership, from Lieutenant Governor to the State Board of Education.
  • And more local leaders who will protect Texas communities – not put them at risk!
  • Congressional leadership willing to help protect voting rights and human rights.

UP NEXT: May 24th TX Primary Run-Off Elections 

  • Primary Run-Off Ballots will be sent out starting April 9th!
    • There are several statewide elections and Congressional Districts headed to the Run-Offs!
  • Registration deadlines are quickly approaching!

Timeline of 2022 Primary Elections 

  • Saturday, April 9th: Ballots start going out (Check your Email/spam folder!)
  • Wednesday, May 4th: FULL ballot Registration Deadline (1st time registration from abroad)
  • Friday, May 13th: FEDERAL ballot Registration Deadline (previously registered voters can request a FULL ballot up to this date)
  • Tuesday, May 24th: Election Day (Ballots postmarked by 7pm accepted)
  • Monday, May 30th: Ballot Return Deadline

**Run-Off Ballots will be sent out starting April 9th - be sure to check your email/spam folder! All ballots must be sent back by postal mail ASAP. Have a look at our Ballot Return Instructions before you mail yours back!

If you haven’t requested your ballot yet, go to votefromabroad.org TODAY

Statewide Candidates

  • Governor
    • Beto O’Rourke
  • Lieutenant Governor
    • Mike Collier
    • Michelle Beckley
  • Attorney General
    • Rochelle Garza
    • Joe Jaworski
  • Land Commissioner
    • Sandragrace Martinez
    • Jay Kleberg
  • Agriculture Commissioner
    • Susan Hays
  • Comptroller
    • Janet T. Dudding
    • Angel Luis Vega
  • Watch the recording from our Primary Meet the Candidate Events -  LINK
  • Find out who’s on your ballot HERE!