Trump Steals From Military To Pay For His Wall

Background: Last week, the House voted to terminate Trump’s fake national emergency after the Senate passed a bipartisan resolution.

  • Trump is abusing his constitutional powers by going around Congress after they already voted to deny Trump money for his wall.

  • Trump is trying to steal money that has already been allocated to our military in order to fund his unnecessary border wall that he promised would be paid for by Mexico.
    • Trump has already stolen $3.6 billion, which will affect military construction projects, such as childcare centers and even a cybersecurity facility, in 23 states.
    • A report from the Air Force details the national security risks of Trump’s plans to take military construction funds for his wall.

  • Trump says he is for our troops, but now he is advancing his reckless political agenda and boosting his ego at their expense.
  • This decision is an abdication of Trump’s duty as commander-in-chief.

Source: DNC WAR ROOM in Top Talkers Blast, October 2nd, 2019