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Wisconsinites Abroad

Wisconsin State Supreme Court Election  

On April 4, 2023, we'll have a chance to flip the balance of power on Wisconsin's Supreme Court. This race could define democracy in Wisconsin (and America) for years to come.

The 2023 spring primary election was held on Tuesday, Feb. 21 and the spring general election is on Tuesday, April 4. More information about these candidates is available via Wisconsin Vote.

Read About the Liberal WI Supreme Court Candidate

(there is no indication of party on the ballot)

  Candidate Information from PBS Wisconsin

Judge Janet Protasiewicz

Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz was the first liberal to announce their candidacy in the race.

On her campaign website, Protasiewicz describes herself in terms of her judicial record:, "Community leader, a veteran prosecutor, and a lifelong advocate for victims of crime. In nearly a decade as circuit court judge, she has earned the respect of the community, developing a reputation for being fair and impartial."

Protasiewicz's campaign language goes on to make a more political case,

"Our system works because the law is predictable. You can read the constitution, the statutes, and case law, and know what to expect, but as we can see on an almost-daily basis, our most closely-held constitutional rights are under attack by radical right-wing extremists," it reads.

She is endorsed by current Justice Rebecca Dallet, other judges from around the state and various Democratic state legislators.

“The 2023 Wisconsin State Supreme Court race is the most important election that nobody’s ever heard of...It has implications that will affect national politics for years to come, really at every level of government.” 

-Ben Wikler, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party.



On, Wisconsin!

 WI are taking action! 

Our team of Wisconsinites Abroad and members of Democrats Abroad will be making calls to voters back home! If you are calling Wisconsin, let me and the other hard working folks on the WI State Team know! [email protected]. We will join you and answer any questions you may have.
Can’t make calls for one reason or another? No worries. Please keep using social media to amplify our messages, and contact friends and family back home.
• Facebook: WI.Abroad
• Twitter: WisconsinAbroad
One way or another, there are likely fewer than 6 degrees of separation between you and a 'Sconnie. Make it your mission to find out now, then report back to let us know how easy it was!
Know someone in need of assistance? Report a problem at home/abroad:
• Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline: +1 844-347-8683
• WisDems Voter Protection Hotline: +1 608-336-3232
• Vote From Abroad Helpdesk: [email protected]
• Wisconsin Team: [email protected]
Your actions from now until April 4th will elect Democrats and progressives such as Judge Janet Protasiewicz, Jodi Habush Sinykin, Cory Mason, and Eric Genrich.
WI can prevent racist redistricting.
WI can prevent a total ban on abortions.
WI can prevent book bans.
WI can help working families.
WI can protect the environment.
WI can and WI must get Wisconsinites to vote for those who will uphold the right to vote - both at home and abroad.

★ Together WI have the power, let’s use it! 



DNC Call Guide:
When you register to call with the DNC, you will be asked to submit a US phone number. This number will simply be used for things like reminders, recruitment outreach, etc.
If you do not have a US phone number, the phone number they use does not need to be a legitimate phone number! For example, 000-000-0000 would work, so on and so forth, with the caveat that it must be a unique number that is not in use by another caller.
For the DNC's security purposes, the dialer may block folks with international IP addresses, so we do recommend using a VPN if possible.
Contact Jarryd Rauch for assistance: [email protected] 

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Two weeks from election day....

Ballots for the April 4th election must be received by your stateside local election official or clerk by 8pm on election day! If you haven't send it back yet, it's time to think about express mail, courier or other service. The number one reason overseas ballots were rejected in 2020 was late arrival. Don't become a statistic! 

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