Women's History Factoids


  • The celebration of Women's History Month dates back to the mid-twentieth century,  when historians, Elizabeth H. Pleck and Gerda Lerner, confronted the absence of women in scholarship, and spearheaded the first graduate programs in women's history.

  • Fact check: Post detailing nine things women couldn't do before 1971 is mostly right

  • Forty Years Ago, Women Had a Hard Time Getting Credit Cards

  • WOMEN & CREDIT  “Banks could refuse women a credit card until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 was signed into law. Prior to that, a bank could refuse to issue a credit card to an unmarried woman, and if a woman was married, her husband was required to cosign.  

  • Many banks required single, divorced or widowed women to bring a man with them to cosign for a credit card, according to CNN, and some discounted the wages of women by as much as 50% when calculating their credit card limits, according to an article from Smithsonian Magazine.”