Wrapping up Resistance Summer

This week marks the close of Resistance Summer. Many thanks for all of your efforts to make the summer a success - attending events, helping DA expand our membership, and more! We are in the process of writing up a full report for the DNC summarizing all of these wonderful actions over the summer.  

To wrap up the summer, we have one more Resistance Summer Speaker Series event coming up tomorrow. During the call we'll be discussing climate change with a guest speaker from the League of Conservation Voters. The webinar starts at 9am EST this Friday, September 8th. RSVP today and send in any questions you'd like to ask too. 

The Taxation task force, led by Carmelan Polce, this week released a survey for Americans abroad taxpayers. With more than 3000 participants already, the survey is getting mentions across the internet. Please help keep the momentum going by sharing it on your facebook page. Do participate – the more data we have the more powerful our message back in the States will be during these next few critical weeks as Congress works on tax reform. 

A shout out also to the Congressional Contact team! They responded to DACA news with a comprehensive set of DACA scripts to use when emailing Congress about DACA. Please do contact your Congressional reps and share these scripts too.

Elizabeth Warren will be speaking on September 17th at 9:30am EST. RSVP today.

Save the Date

  • Environmental webinar – September 8, 9:00 am EST
  • Informal discussion of the Resolution Proposing the Adoption by the Democratic Party of a "Compact with the American People For Election Reform" – September 12
  • Online vote on the above resolution – September 15 (over a 24 hour period)
  • Elizabeth Warren webinar – September 17, 9:30 am EST
  • (Inter)National Voter Registration day – September 26, all day