Youth Caucus Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention


Pic of Protest Against Gun Violence

Gun violence is a consistent issue in the US and presents a dire national security concern. In 2022, the CDC found that firearms were the leading cause of death in America for people between ages 1-19, and among the five highest causes of death for people between ages 1-44. Untracked gun sales and a lack of required background checks make it easy for those looking for harm to attain guns. The number of deaths in mass shootings has consistently risen in the past decade, from 272 in 2014 to 656 in 2023 (Gun Violence Archive), with mass shootings being both random acts of violence and targeted against members of specific communities. According to Brady United, the presence of guns within a household increases the likelihood of death by suicide by 300%. Brady United also states that over the year, eight children and teenagers are accidentally killed each day by gunfire within their households, and one woman is killed every sixteen hours by a current or ex-partner. The prevalence of gun violence in the United States leaves a stain on the psyche of all Americans. In 2024, the time has long passed to take drastic action to reduce gun violence.

DA welcomes the progress made in combating gun violence, including opening the White House Office of Gun Violence, signing Executive Order 14092 that closed some loopholes that contribute to the spread of unregulated firearms and passing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, but that is not enough.

DA stands for expanding background checks for firearm sales, closing loopholes that allow individuals to purchase firearms without undergoing proper screening and strengthening the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). DA urges federally banning assault weapons for personal use and implementing gun control measures. We advocate for mandatory training for all gun owners every few years to ensure responsible firearm maintenance and storage. DA urges universal background checks, with no exceptions, repealing “stand your ground” and “open carry” laws. DA encourages increased coordination between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to enforce existing gun control laws with mental health issues, domestic abusers, and those convicted of violent crimes. DA emphasizes the importance of addressing the underlying issues that contribute to gun violence and providing accessible mental health resources to ensure individual and community wellness. DA encourages political campaign regulations against the NRA funding public candidates directly and through ad campaigns.

To join the task force or to contact them, please write to: [email protected]


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