DA Caribbean Islands' Election & Bylaws Adoption and Annual General Meeting!

The Nominations & Elections Committee is proud to announce the elections of Executive Committee Officers and the Adoption of Bylaws that will see DA Caribbean Islands poised to become DA's first "Transnational Committee," composed of its multiple island nations. Nominations for the following positions are open now through Nov 20th:                      

Chair / Vice-Chair / Secretary / Treasurer / Dir of Communications & Social Media / Program & Events Coordinator / Island Region Captains (2) for the Northern and Southern Island Regions / Members -at- Large (2).

Appointed office of Legal Counsel (sits on the Ex Com as needed) and appointed Island Coordinators (one for each DA Caribbean island included - not on the Ex Com) are positions to consider as well.

Elected and Appointed positions are open to all DA members residing within the designated region of DA Caribbean Islands. Should you choose to nominate yourself or another member for an elected position, or if you want to volunteer for an appointed position - or simply would like more information - contact us at: [email protected].

The election shall be conducted by electronic ballot. The deadline to submit your ballot is Dec 7th 4PM ET, 1 hour prior to the start of the Elections & Annual General Meeting. There will be no in-person voting with the exception of possible nominations and vote on positions for which there are no candidates; Only in-person votes will then count.  

Candidates' Statements and Ballots will be emailed Nov 23rd when voting shall officially begin. You must be a member of DA Caribbean Islands to vote. the deadline for voting is Dec 7 4pm ET, 1 hour prior to the start of the Elections & Annual General Meeting at 5pm ET. See the Bylaws here: DA Caribbean Islands Bylaws

The Annual General Meeting will immediate follow the Elections portion of the meeting which begins at 5pm ET. You will meet our newly elected Executive Committee members and the DA Caribbean members who have helped inspire and establish DA Caribbean Islands and learn what motivates us all as we begin to shape our goals for 2022 and beyond.

Contact Christine Burstein, Formation Committee Chair for questions regarding the Annual General Meeting at: [email protected]

We look forward to your participation in our elections and hope you'll join us Dec 7th. Let us know you're coming here: RSVP!