September 26, 2020

Vote from Abroad: Voter registration training


Help Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in 2020

Are you an American living abroad and want to help register voters that live abroad?
Drop in for one of our voter trainings and learn how easy it is help get out the vote wherever you are around the world!
Event length will vary based on factors but average session 1-2 hrs

Video Training for GA Senate Run-off election. Questions? Email: [email protected]

Updated Training November 22nd:


Training November 13th

For Generic Voter Registration training see below:

You can also watch this handy training video (just hit play) to get the basics of voter registration using votefromabroad.orgOnce you have taken a training take this certification quiz. Once you've done that you'll hear from us!


Should you have training questions email: [email protected]

Here is a handy website to convert the time zone to yours wherever you are in the world.