2020 Democratic National Convention: August 17-20

Across the US, state parties and delegates are gearing up to participate in this year’s Democratic National Convention online and at home. Delegates from Democrats Abroad are also joining in - rallying together on zoom calls and downloading their ballots as they prepare to attend the Democratic Party’s first ever online convention in locations that stretch from Kathmandu to Kigali.

The Democratic party includes the 50 states, DC, the territories - and Democrats Abroad - a unique state party that represents the 9 million Americans who live outside the United States. Democrats Abroad will be represented at the convention by 24 representatives logging on from all over the world.   

This year’s “Convention Across America” will be held online from August 17th to August 20th. Although the main events will fall within the week of the convention, delegates have already started casting their votes for their presidential candidate, as well as for the 2020 Democratic Platform, and for Rules amendments.

From Connie Borde, DNC Representative on the Democratic Convention 2020:

“The Unconventional Convention is turning out to be exciting and challenging.  In addition to the prime time 9-11pm TV transmissions that will take place for the general public each night, from Monday to Thursday, Delegates will follow online meetings beginning every morning and lasting all day with Democratic Party caucuses and policy groups. This Convention will be smart, and it will deal with issues.  Voting will take place through our State delegations, and delivered by each of the Party Chairs.  In the case of Democrats Abroad, Chair Julia Bryan will carry our votes.   

While we’ll miss being arm in arm, thousands of us together in a massive stadium, we take comfort in knowing that we’ve done what is best for our country: isolating ourselves because we listened to doctors and public health experts to ensure that public health was protected.

But we take comfort in the fantastic organization that has ensued.  People all over the country will be watching on youTube, on Facebook, on Amazon TV, on Apple TV,  on Twitch, on Roku, on Twitter….  from living rooms, cities, farms, parks, hilltops and valleys, from sea to shining sea.  This might just be the most followed and viewed Convention in Democratic history.  All the better!  The theme of unity was never more vibrant, just when diversity was never at its height in our Party.  What a winning combination, and the Biden/Harris team-up is emblematic of just that.  This Convention is a revolution!”

While most formal work will be finalized before the convention begins, the online caucus meetings are expected to include interactive opportunities for conversation and debate. More information about participating in these meetings here:  https://www.demconvention.com/  

Julia Bryan, the Global Chair of Democrats Abroad and DA Delegation Chair notes,

"I’m proud to lead our delegation this year as we come together with our fellow state parties to nominate our Democratic Presidential candidate. I’m also proud to be part of a party that has responded so mindfully to the pandemic and created an event that is both safe and extremely interactive for our delegates.

The National Convention is a significant moment as we reach out to Americans abroad around the world and make sure they know that they too can vote from abroad, and help Democrats back home win. (Go to votefromabroad.org).” 

Watch the proceedings LIVE at demconvention.com/watch-the-convention. You'll find more information on the schedule highlights at democratsabroad.org/tune_in_to_the_democratic_national_convention_abroad.