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June 09, 2020

DA 2020 Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

Our congratulations to the DA 2020 Delegation to the Democratic National Convention!

Delegation Chair
Julia Bryan, Czech Republic

Current DNC Members (Automatic delegates)
Julia Bryan, Global Chair
Alex Montgomery, Global Vice Chair
Connie Borde, EMEA
Ken Sherman, Americas 
John Eastwood, Asia Pacific
Martha McDevitt-Pugh, Global
Orlando E. Vidal, Global
Adrianne George, Global 

PLEO delegate
Lissette Wright, Canada (Bernie Sanders)

At-large delegates

Tim Ellis, Canada (Bernie Sanders)
Miguel Madrigal, Costa Rica (Joe Biden)

Asia Pacific
John Baumlin, Japan (Bernie Sanders)

Anne Dlugosz, France (Bernie Sanders)
Diego Rivas, Germany (Bernie Sanders)
Farid Ben Amor, Switzerland (Bernie Sanders)
Juan Cerda, Austria (Joe Biden)
Marisa Grimes, Rwanda (Joe Biden)
Onelica Andrade, Belgium (Joe Biden)

Helen Li, China (Bernie Sanders)
Tyler Cofield, Germany (Bernie Sanders)
Anya Leonhard, Germany (Bernie Sanders) 

David Wenk, UK (Bernie Sanders)
Maria Allgaier, UK (Joe Biden)

Standing Committee Members
Credentials – Claire Lops, Germany (Bernie Sanders)
Platform – Travis Mooney, UK (Bernie Sanders)
Rules – Joe Smallhoover, France (Joe Biden)

Samantha Wong, China


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