2020 Regional Convention Wrap Up

In normal times, Democrats Abroad’s regional conventions are festive events involving a slew of meetings, voting and debates interspersed with time to chat with old friends, make new acquaintances, network and maybe even do some sightseeing.

These are not normal times, however.

In 2020, the world was suddenly and unexpectedly flattened and made smaller and more dangerous by a microscopic virus (SARS-CoV-2) capable of causing a lethal disease (Covid-19). Travel restrictions and health concerns made face-to-face meetings impossible and, for the first time, Democrats Abroad was forced to meet virtually, rather than in person for its quadrennial regional conventions. A herculean effort by DA leaders and volunteers enabled the organization in record time of the online meetings, during which all the objectives of the convention were successfully met.

In the weeks leading up to the conventions, hundreds of electors representing our 44 country and local chapters were trained on the use of Webex and the ranked choice voting tool OpaVote. They attended online meet-and-greet sessions where they got to know the candidates running for delegate and DNC member, and were sent reams of documents to read and study in preparation for the actual event.

Beginning May 16th, in a round-the-world relay of meetings, the conventions started in Asia Pacific early Saturday morning (late Friday DC time), moved on to Europe, Middle East and Africa and then concluded Sunday evening with the adjournment of the Americas regional meeting. 

More detailed information about each regional convention
Asia Pacific Regional Results
Europe, Middle East, and Africa Regional Results
Americas Regional Results

Regional At-large Delegates

Timothy Ellis (CA), Sanders
Miguel Madrigal (CR), Biden

Asia Pacific
John Baumlin (JP), Sanders

Diego Rivas (DE), Sanders
Anne Dlugosz (FR), Sanders
Farid Ben Amor (CH), Sanders
Juan Cerda (AT), Biden
Marisa Grimes (RW), Biden
Onelica Andrade (BE), Biden

2020-2024 Regional DNC Members
Aaron Kruse (CN)
Katie Solon (DE)
Ken Sherman (CA)

Platform Committee Members
Kent Getsinger (AU)
Kiyoko Ayukawa (JP)
Heather Stone (IL)
Nathan Zaccai (UK)
Rachel Eugster (CA)
Sam Goodman (CR)