EMEA Regional Convention Results!

Congratulations and thank you to EMEA's Regional Vice Chair Will Bakker and to all the volunteers and electors who made it possible for Democrats Abroad to hold a successful EMEA Regional convention, completely online for the first time this year. And a very big congratulations to the following representatives from EMEA who have just been elected to join the Democrats Abroad 2020 DNC delegation, be a 2020-2024 DNC member, or join the DA 2020 Global Platform committee:

⭐ 2020-2024 Democrats Abroad DNC member - Katie Solon (DE)
⭐ 2020 DA Sanders delegates - Diego Rivas (DE), Anne Dlugosz (FR), Farid Ben Amor (CH)
⭐ 2020 DA Biden delegates - Juan Cerda (AT), Marisa Grimes (RW), Onelica Andrade (BE)
⭐ 2020 DA Platform committee members - Heather Stone (IL) & Nathan Zaccai (UK) 

Beginning at 10:00 a.m. CET today, more than 200 electors logged on from around Europe, the Middle East and Africa to represent their chapters and vote for the candidates who will represent EMEA in the 2020 Democrats Abroad delegation to the National Convention. The group of individuals elected to represent DA’s EMEA region at this year’s DNC come from many countries across the region and well represent the diversity of our party and our organization. Voting started with the election of the EMEA regional DNC member, Katie Solon, and then the electors and candidates split into two presidential preference groups to vote on 3 delegates each to represent VP Biden and Senator Sanders. The Sanders room was chaired by Angela Fobbs (DE) and the Biden room by Liz Voss (CH).

While today marked a first for the EMEA region, as we held our first fully online regional convention, the voting proceeded smoothly. Following the delegate elections, the regional electors came together once more to vote on the region's two platform committee members, and discuss resolutions. Interest in resolution discussion let to several motions to extend the meeting two hours beyond the originally scheduled time, and ended with a motion to refer all 9 resolutions up for discussion to the Global platform committee, leaving an opportunity for the electors on the call to submit arguments pro and con to the Platform committee, and requiring the committee to hold a town hall to specially discuss these 9 resolutions.