December 15, 2022

2022 Election Results

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Wisconsin's last line of defense against the Rogue GOP Legislature

From his days as a public school science teacher to now as Governor, Tony Evers has worked to bring people together. He cut income taxes by fifteen percent for most families-one of the biggest tax cuts in state history. Evers also directed almost a billion dollars to tens of thousands of small businesses and nearly half of eligible farms to prevent layoffs and create new jobs. Rather than focus on hot-button political issues meant to divide us, Evers will keep working to address the cost of living, get people back to work, and give our kids the education they need to thrive. Governor Tony Evers is doing the right thing for Wisconsin.

With his veto, Governor Evers is the last line of defense against a state legislature gone rogue. In his own words: “If I don’t win this election, everything I’ve vetoed will come back and become the law of the land — from guns on school grounds to limiting voting rights.“

If you have indicated that you 'intend to return' on your ballot request, you'll receive the full ballot including statewide and local elections. If so, be sure to cast your vote all the way up and down the ballot and help to to re-elect Governor Evers. Wisconsin needs his service – and so does the country.

Watch Governor Evers' Message for Democrats Abroad!