United to Boost Voter Turnout Amongst Americans Abroad in Turkiye

Meet Kyle Inan and democratic strategist Keith Brannum who got together last week in Izmir, Turkiye to "rally Democrats living across Turkiye and amplify their impact through active participation in the U.S. electoral process."

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Inan emphasized, "Our goal is to bridge the geographical divide and empower Democrats in Turkey to be active participants in shaping the future of our home country. The power of our collective voice and votes can extend beyond borders and reverberate back to the United States."

Mr. Brannum echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of a unified expat community, stating, "We have an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our democracy, regardless of where we reside. By banding together, we can drive change and influence outcomes, ensuring that our voices are heard."

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