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While many of you were celebrating Tuesday’s big wins, Congress has been hard at work battling over tax reform.

(We’ve been hard at work too, as the taxation task force has been hitting the pavement in DC this week, pushing for fair taxation for Americans overseas!)

Once again the GOP has crafted their plan in secret, and once again they’re hoping to push it through Congress without a single Dem vote, because they know it is a bad bill for the American people.

This week’s #TinyAction: Tell Congress to vote NO on the Trump Tax Scam.

1. to insist they vote NO on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act [H.R.1].

“My name is [NAME] and I vote in [ZIP CODE], but I’m calling from [WHERE YOU LIVE], because this is an important issue even to Americans overseas. I strongly oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act [H.R.1].

This bill is a scam that will give massive cuts to the wealthy, paid for by forcing deep cuts to critical programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security down the line. This plan would only make the inequality gap in our country much worse.

Not one penny in tax cuts should go to giant corporations or the 1% and we’re not going to put up with fraudulent claims of “trickle down economics” anymore. There’s simply no evidence that corporate tax cuts benefit anyone but shareholders, and eliminating taxes that only impact the very wealthiest Americans has never benefited the rest of us.

I agree that we need a tax plan that benefits middle-class families, including those of us who live overseas and are taxed unfairly, but the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doesn’t do any of that. Please vote no.”