John Esteban Rodriguez -- Youth LGBT Hispanic Immigrant Candidate for Bernie Sanders (EMEA)

Like Bernie Sanders, my roots informed my desire to fight for a more egalitarian America and world. Growing up in rural Georgia, my intersectional identity was politicized: my skin color, sexual orientation, and immigrant Colombian background. Xenophobia surrounded me in the Deep South. Uninsured and low-income, I neglected medical issues. Earning minimum wage since age 15, I racked up debt for my studies. My activism with France for Bernie strengthened my conviction that America could and should do better for all its citizens. Living in a country where health care coverage and access to free higher education are universally guaranteed, I will push for Sanders’ ideas so that Americans may have a similar horizon of opportunity and security. My involvement as a Democrats Abroad National Voting Representative reaffirms my commitment to transforming the Democratic Party. If elected Delegate, I will fight for the progressive voice of Americans abroad.