Helen Li-Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders (Asia Pacific & Global)

As a child of immigrants, a mental health advocate, an educator, and an entrepreneur, I am accustomed to forming coalitions between groups of people. Not just through empathy, but taking that empathy and transforming it into fundraising, communications, and action. Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, I want to share the stories and importance of inclusion — Medicare-for-All, improved access to education, environmental action — as a representative for Sanders’ progressive platform. In Beijing, I’ve taught university courses focusing on educating young people about the urgency of civic engagement. Adapting to healthcare loss and increased hate crimes during COVID-19, I’ve experienced firsthand how domestic/foreign policy can impact citizens abroad and . I believe I have the skills and perspectives to represent Democrats Abroad at the National Convention. I want to represent DemsAbroad, youth voters, and Asian Americans by having a seat at the table as we support our 2020 nominee. https://medium.com/@helen.li2019/my-story-why-i-care-and-why-i-am-running-to-represent-democrats-abroad-1abe187456b2