January 16, 2024

Barcelona celebrates International Voter Registration Day

The Barcelona chapter celebrated International Voter Registration Day with a festive gathering to help local voters register and request their absentee ballots well in advance of election day. National Voter Registration Day is on September 17 in the States, but that would be too late for overseas voters to receive their ballots and return them by the deadline. January 15 was chosen as the international version. It's a great time to get registration, which must be done each year, out of the way while gearing up for the year ahead.

The well-attended event was also the first of what we hope will be many DA events at Cinderella Café & Cocktails. Jordan, the owner and a DC native, gave us a warm welcome and the run of the place. His establishment specializes in American-style brunch fare, sandwiches, salads and soups, along with sophisticated cocktails.

Cinderella Café & Cocktails
Carrer de Aribau, 65
08008 Barcelona