May 14, 2023

Democrats Abroad Barcelona elects new leaders for 2023-2025 term

This notice is to confirm the results of the elections for the coming 2023-2025 term for the DA Spain – Barcelona Chapter. The election was conducted electronically from April 29 to May 12 and the results of the voting were confirmed to the Barcelona Chapter at its Annual General Meeting held on May 13. As there were candidates for all positions calls for nominations from the floor were entertained and no voting was conducted at the AGM. All candidates were present and no objection to these results were made.

The results of the voting were:

44 total ballots cast by the verified members of the Chapter.
Chapter Chairperson:
Candidate: Victor Horcasitas (running unopposed): 41 votes in favor; 3 abstentions.
Chapter Vice Chairperson:
Candidate: Lisa Berger (running unopposed): 41 votes in favor; 3 abstentions.
Chapter Secretary:
Candidate: Catherine Dexter: 33 votes in favor;
Candidate: Mark Nabong: 11 votes in favor;
0 abstentions.
Chapter Treasurer:
Candidate: Karl Barth (running unopposed): 42 votes in favor; 2 abstentions.


Hence the newly elected ExCom for the DAS - Barcelona Chapter is:

Chapter Chairperson: Victor Horcasitas
Chapter Vice Chairperson: Lisa Berger
Chapter Secretary: Catherine Dexter.
Chapter Treasurer: Karl Barth.


Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

DA Spain-Barcelona NEC Committee

Steven Tolliver, Jackie Neff, Anuradha Ghemawat