Call for Volunteers

If you care about ensuring democracy survives in the United States, we invite you to join a dynamic and dedicated leadership team. Democrats Abroad Victoria & Islands Chapter offers ongoing voter information and voter support to Americans in Victoria and on the Islands. Help us ensure that democracy survives in the US.

We are currently looking to fill two positions in our Victoria & Islands Chapter, Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator.  The two most important qualifications for the roles are passion and commitment. If you are familiar with Zoom, email and use a word processor, you have all the necessary skills, and full training is given.

Multiply the effect of your vote by joining our Board and contributing your ideas and activism.

We generally meet via Zoom, so if you live anywhere on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands, we welcome you.  Here are the job descriptions:

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator recruits, trains, and manages volunteers for Democrats Abroad, in coordination with the Chair.

The Coordinator endeavors to offer a range of opportunities appropriate to the skills, physical needs, and interests of all members. Training is available.

The Coordinator acts as the Chapter Volunteer Liaison, interfacing with DACA and DA volunteer and GOTV (Get Out the Vote) personnel as required.

The Coordinator produces a monthly report to the Board.

This role requires an estimated 3-7 hours per week, depending on whether an election is imminent.

Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the DAVI Facebook page, the DAVI web page, and other DAVI media sites as they become operational.

To do so, the Coordinator amplifies vetted content from the Democrats Abroad weekly content kit, other Democrats Abroad sites, and any other localized matters of interest, in consultation with the Chair and according to the guidelines specified by Democrats Abroad.

The Coordinator acts as the Chapter Social Media Liaison, interfacing with the DA Facebook Managers Group, and other Democrats Abroad media groups.

The Coordinator produces a written report for the Chapter Board on a monthly basis.

This role requires an estimated 3-7 hours per week, depending on whether an election is imminent.

Come and make a difference.

Interested?  Contact us.  Let’s chat.

Giles Hogya, Chair

Democrats Abroad, Victoria and the Islands Chapter

[email protected]