A Black Woman Thinking Out Loud

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If we had justice for all
Human Rights Movements would die out
If cops stopped targeting black men and women
People wouldn’t have to fight racial profiling
If we had equality for all
Why need affirmative action?
If we gave black artist appreciation
No need for cultural appropriation
If we had true freedom of speech
Wouldn’t have to deal with white fragility
If we had no racial murders
Black Lives Matter would be a thing of the past
If we had reparations
No need for white supremacy
Do you feel me?
If we had cultural acceptance
No sufferers of post traumatic slave disorder
Do you feel me?
If we had unbiased history books
No need for cultural race theory
Do you feel me?
No need for anger
Do you feel me?
No need for paranoia
Do you feel me?
No need for defenses
Do you feel me?
No need for fear
Do you feel me?
Right the wrongs
Before the day is long
Do you feel me?
Time to transcend
Do you feel me?
Before it’s too late
Do you feel me?
We shall not be moved
There's a train a coming
And the Revolution will not be on TikTok


Camille Elaine Thomas
August 14, 2021
Copyright@ All rights reserved


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