It's a Brand New Day

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Can you hear the whistle blowin‘?
Do you know where you’re goin?
Take a trip down the seaside
Clear Waters moving deep and wide
Ridin on that new A Train
Best method to stop the pain
Ridin high on the line
And everything is oh so fine

Cus it’s a brand new day
No old dues to pay
That’s all i got to say
Is it’s a brand new day

You take one step forward, two to the side
The movement just makes you wanna ride
Nothin to stop the positive flow
Listen up just nod your head and feel the glow

No blues gonna catch me and get me down
I can feel my mojo jumpin‘ comin round
Everything is movin on to where I wanna be
Nobody’s Drama is gonna be fuckin‘ wid me

‚cus it’s a brand new day
Hear what I say
It’s a brand new day
No collector bills to pay

Immigration laws hey no taboo
Gun Control thats what we gotta do
Make racial profiling a Thing of the past
Make defund the Police free at last

Change you mind and you ass will follow
The Oppression blues you ain’t gotta swallow
Free your mind from mental slavery
Stand up strong that’s true bravery
Together we stand divided we fall
It’s about the peoples Unity, that’s all

From left to Right and back again
Change your mind Baby, that ain’t no sin
Philosophies White Brown and black
It’s the Unity of the Forces, that’s what we all lack

‚cause it’s a brand new day
Nothin‘ left to say
Hey, it’s gonna stay
It’s the only way (repeats)
To make a brand new day


Camille Elaine Thomas
June 01, 2021
Copyright@ All rights reserved


Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

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