Earth Day 50th Anniversary Marathon Videos and References

Thanks to everyone who watched or was a panelist. Here is a listing of everyone and all the topics discussed and viewed during the marathon.


Complete 50th Earth Day Anniversary Marathon playlist.


Opening Segment

History of Earth Day

Opening Poem by GBC Poet Laureate Elaine Thomas

Forgotten Showers Short documentary

Vote Earth: Phonebanking

Vote Earth: Votefromabroad

Vote Earth: What you can do to help get out the vote.

A Green New Platform - Aaron Kruse. Slides.

Short Documentary: A Message From the Future With AOC

Green New Deal Discussion with leaders from the Asia-Pacific Region

The Green New Deal + A Just Recovery" With Naomi Ages. Slides, Video: The Green New Deal, explained


Earth Day Poem and Interview with Jasmine Cochran GBC Poet Laureate

Libraries Transform with Lisa Grup-Steinacker. Slides

Foraging for Food 101 with Christina Skovsgaard. More information on foraging for food.


Calculating Your Personal Impact on the Environment - Vivienne Hayes-Hobelsberger

Related links:

The goal is for humans to reduce their carbon footprint 80% by 2050,

How to reduce your carbon footprint by 80% | Matthew Tolley | TEDxTelford, Nov 1, 2019, 

Carbon footprint calculators


UN -

Others -  (only in German)


Kendra Borgen Earth Day Comedy - Website

Tannis Williamson in conversation with Dr. Na'Taki Osborne Jelks on Environmental Justice and Covid-19


Documentary ROLLBACKS, An Assault Against Life on Earth

Q&A with Rollbacks producers Anne Macksoud and John Ankele

Coronavirus - How the virus transmits? video

Mask Making with LGBT Caucus Chair Martha McDevitt-Pugh

Keynote Speaker: Christiana Figueres

Dr. Marc Weiss Climate Action, Sustainable Innovation Zones, and Inclusive Prosperity. Bio, Slides.

Vote Earth: GOTV with Heidi Burch


Hispanic Caucus "Earth 2020: Do You Want to Reboot in Safe Mode?

"Influencing Environmental Policy through Democrats Abroad" with Jim Christiansen

Youth Caucus: “How to Fight Climate Change.”  

TED Talk with Katharine Hayhoe "The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it"

Earth Vote: Katie Solon Phone Banking

Why It's Important to Donate to Democrats Abroad Video

Final Segment, Member Videos, Thanks to everyone

Closing Poem by Olivia Mandle-first Letter to the Earth-EarthDay50