Martin and Malcolm Revisited


Martin & Malcolm Revisited

For every poison there is a remedy

For every wrong a rightfulness

Our shoes may have worn heels

Yet, this is not the time to despair

Nor is it the time for self-doubt

We are not living on the edge

We are peering through the willows

Still quick to jump the gun

And even quicker at finding fault

With ourselves and of course each other

Embracing fear with weary conviction

Waiting for the lurch of sudden attack

Well, when you’re thirsty, you get smart

You go out and search for water

This life’s well has not yet dried up

nor has all hope been drowned by tears

rather rearisen in stoic commitment

with a stubbornness essential to survival

many bodies have died for causes unknown

and left their names on google pages

some with stories never to be told

yet we all travel the same paths

possess similar hopes and dreams

A desire enforcing uplifting fulfilling

that one day that Martin prophesied

the mountaintop is within our reach

when Malcolm yelled the bullet or the ballot

Well, which one shall it before us now?

Should we just give up? Or die trying?


Camille Elaine Thomas, May 12, 2020


Elaine Thomas from Germany - Read Elaine's Bio

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