November 13, 2016

Happening this week - for Democrats abroad looking for what's next

Democrats Abroad Global Town Hall Meeting

Monday 14 Nov, 8pm Singapore Time, WebEx

Main topics:  The Election and Post-election Democrats Abroad
Among the questions we’re pondering:  What happened in the Tuesday election?  After our months/years of work, how did DA do?  What states/races did the overseas vote decide?  Which states/races could we have decided if we or the campaign had reached more of the “missing” 5 million overseas voters who likely didn’t vote.  (MI, WI, PA…AZ, FL...).  (We estimate there are over 6 million eligible overseas voters and predicted a doubling of turnout this year to more than 1 million.)
How can we as DA keep fighting for Democratic values and issues?  How to provide opportunities for expression and action to our members and other overseas Americans and our allies?  What do we need to work on in the very short term, and the longer term?
How can DA best participate in choosing the new DNC chair/leaders and the direction of the Party?  How to make sure DA’s and overseas voters’ potential and needs are included, as well as our vision for the Party?
What are the priorities to improve overseas voting law and procedures and how can we most effectively advocate for needed reform?  What is the future of 

DA Lion City Committee - "Pick up the Pieces and Drink Wine" gathering

Wednesday 16 November, 7pm, Wine Connection, 41 Cuppage Road

DA Asia Pacific Leaders - Monthly Teleconference

Thursday, 17 November, 7.30pm Singapore Time, WebEx

Agenda:  What's next
- our incredibly important opposition role under a trump administration 
- reviewing and documenting lessons from our 2016 work 
- 2017 global meeting preview and planning
- races where DA made the difference in 2016 (yes, the overseas vote did make the difference in some important races. )

DA Women's Caucus - Global Teleconference Teleconference

Friday 18 November, 12 midnight Singapore Time, WebEx 

Discussing the new agenda, goals and activities.