April 27, 2017

Basel Office: Chair

The Candidates (1)

  • Kelli Brouillet

My interest in politics arose early. My college major was Political Science evolving into Public Administration. Though I did not work in that field my interest has held. I have not been especially active politically but as with many, my outrage over the current political climate has spurred me to action over the last year or two. I have been active in Democrats Abroad in Basel since moving here so know the local people and processes fairly well.

The skills I bring to the table are excellent organizational and teamwork development skills. I enjoy working with others to develop a plan of action for whatever ideas and activities are on the table. I’m experienced with large and small groups, don’t mind being a spokesperson and am a clear communicator. I have a fair amount of free time to focus on helping Basel DA succeed.

I think our focus first needs to be ensuring we are well organised to get American voters registered and voting in the upcoming special and midterm elections. Flipping our congress is a must.

I am also very interested in creating opportunities and facilitating political actions wherever our members would like to focus their time and energy. It's important in these times to help everyone get their voices and opinions heard in a way that helps to move policies in a direction that is best for all Americans.

Rounding this out, I'd like to see some of our processes become more efficient, clear and workable for everyone. Time should be spent on doing effective work and not spent trying to figure out what is going on and where to best use our limited time and energy.

Thank you for your consideration.

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